After recently discovering my very first portfolio (which was released in 2007) I was astonished to notice the tremendous quality difference in my designs, and how far my style has progressed over the years.  The lack of style, inconsistent spacing, poor colors  palettes, rough gradients, and incorrect text format that my early designs possessed is beyond disturbing.  It generates the question, “what was I thinking?” but then I remind myself that this was once quality work that I was proud to showcase.

Growing up you are constantly reminded that practice makes perfect.  I’m aware that my designs are far from perfect, but allow this post to be yet another example of what practice and dedication can achieve over time.

In this first example, I’ll be comparing two web hosting designs.

Supreme Telecom: (Completed in 2009)                       VS.                       The SuperPod: (Completed in 2013)

sts                                                                           superpod

In my second example, I’ll be comparing two gaming designs.

               CCS: (Completed in 2009)                                       VS.                                  CodVideo: (Completed in 2013)

cocs                                                              codvideo


I hope you guys have enjoyed this small comparison that I personally found quite interesting.  I promise that I’m going to try and write more frequent blog posts, and eventually release some free .psd’s to help current and future designers.

Stay tuned for new designs, including my newest project @Go130HQ.