Welcome to my new portfolio!  Even though it feels like I just released my previous portfolio design, I knew a change was needed.  My last portfolio utilized the tumblr backend which constrained me with some limiting factors.  If you’re a frequent visitor to my website, you’ll notice that my ‘works’ or ‘projects’ section has been reduced tremendously.  This is just a matter of moving forward and showcasing more recent designs.  However, if you’re like me and enjoy comparing the ‘new’ vs ‘old,’ I got you covered! I’ll be keeping my tumblr account (timeline.itsjtaM.com) to personally keep a directory of all my work (yes, even back to the day I first started.)  Just recently, I was able to dig up my very first portfolio. Scary to look at now, but it also displays a good example of how you can improve at something when your time and energy is set forth.

With this new portfolio, comes a better experience for you.  Some awesome updates include;

  • A more in-depth look at my recent projects,
  • Higher quality images to showcase my designs,
  • Updates, and the occasional useful blog posts,
  • The ability to comment on my posts,
  • Updated about page (coming soon),
  • Archives page to easily locate what you’re looking for (coming soon),
  • and FREE resources (coming soon),

These past 7-8 months have really been a step forward for me as a designer.  I’ve been so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing companies.  (Northeastern Illinois University, KnownHost , TMZVPS, JFAWealth, FrostBite Networks, Michael Ryan and The Boom! Boom! Book, Hypernia, and so many more!) These next couple months I’ll be working just as hard to improve my skills, and hopefully establish relationships with more great faces.