Mario – Agave Networks

“Johns design quality is out of this world, take a look at his portfolio. While deciding which designer to go with, I saw many designers that could handle a project like ours but I always was lead back to itsjtaM’s service as he was the only one who could truly meet the style that we wanted.

Overall, I would recommend John to complete any website design project you have no matter what the size!”

Matt Kelly – Tranquil Hosting

“John set out to build us a website that represents our brand, made it easy for clients to navigate and most of all he made my life easy. We set a deadline, which is he not only met, he beat. I had a few tricky items I wanted done and he knocked them out with ease. We received both html and php pages (with header and footer) but we also received the original PSD files. This was when I knew I had found a reliable web designer I could rely on when I needed something done. I would recommend John to anyone. Our experience was fantastic and John’s work is top notch. If you’re in the market for a designer I suggest hiring John, you won’t be sorry.”

James Costa – PurePings

I’ve worked with John Tamburino a few times before, and his level of design is one of the highest I’ve seen in a long time.  John is very timely, professional, friendly and is a high level designer and performs his art for a fair price.

Hire him if you can, it will be the best decision you make!”

Eric Meade – Personal Portfolio

“John Tamburino gave me the design for a great new site to launch myself as an independent consultant. I had a general idea of what I wanted, but John turned it into a reality. He also gave me his suggestions when I was asking for something that in his opinion would not have worked graphically. I’m confident I was right to take his advice.

He put a lot of time and effort into the design, certainly more than he had anticipated when he took on the project. His edits, updates, and responses were incredibly timely, often within the hour. John is professional and talented. And now I have a well designed site to launch myself to the world. Thanks, John.”

Coy- DajManagement

“John was a joy to work with. You give him an idea, and he’ll give you a masterpiece.”

Nate –

“I needed some design work taken care of so I hired John for the job. He is very talented, professional and runs a completely legitimate operation. Quick turnaround time, attentive and all around quality job. He will continue to work with you until your design is made to your liking. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Oktay – Various Jobs

“I was looking for a designer to redo one of my websites and a friend of mine suggested me to itsjtaM. I was amazed by his past works. The designs were very professional and fancy looking. So, I decided to contact him and get him to do a redesign for me. He gave me a great quote.   Communication was a breeze. I just had to tell him what kind of styles I liked and showed him my old website.  He communicated with me every day showing me parts of my new design and asked me how it looks. 2 days later, I got the first draft. It was looking amazing already.  After a few messages back and forth, he perfected the design and it was ready!

I cannot believe how easy the process was. In my past experiences, I always had to spend lots of time making lists of things I want to get fixed for days. Not with John!

I’d like to tell you that I’m very satisfied with his work and I’d recommend his services to anyone who is after a professional, modern and a cutting edge web design!.”

Jonathan – PavHost CEO 

“Recently, we were in need for a redesign for our current navigation bar and image rotator. We looked over at the WHT Web Design ads and contacted a couple of designers regarding our request.

itsjtaM replied extremely quickly which resulted us into getting his service.  We received a very nice price for the service with extremely professional work in return.  Would definitely work with John again, recommended designer.”

David – XenonServers

“We recently were in the market for a new website design and after a couple of days of searching we came across itsjtaM. His portfolio was very impressive and other reviews that we read were very good. We decided at that point that he could very well be the designer that we had been looking for.

We approached John about possibly designing our site and received a very prompt reply from him. He was very kind and professional in his first response, but at the same time had a laid back tone. That is exactly what we were looking for with a designer.

After talking about what we were looking for in a design and agreeing on a price, John began to work. John sent us regular previews of what he was doing and he’d always give us a timeline of what he was planning to do next. His turnaround time was excellent considering that at the same time he was busy with school.

He sent us a preview of the completed home page and it was well beyond our expectations. We suggested a couple of modifications and he promptly added them. He then moved on to one of our sub-pages, which ended up being the same great quality that the homepage was. We were extremely impressed with what he was delivering.

Flash forward to last weekend and we’ve got most of our new site ready. We had some small problems with our new logo that was previously designed by someone else, so we approached John again. He said he would take a whack at it and as of a couple of hours ago the problems are no longer, thanks to the great work that John delivers.

To summarize, we would highly recommend John! I know that we’ll continue to use him for any design needs we will inevitably have in the future..”

Micheala – Jackson Financial Advisors

“John did an excellent job on updating our website. He understood the changes to be made and delivered it. John also provides great service- he responses quickly to emails and phone calls whenever we need help.  I would highly recommend John to others.”

Martin – DownloadTeacher CEO

“Recently worked with itsjtam and the work & experience was top-notch.  You never know what or who you get hiring someone online, I’m sure most of us have come across a lot of unprofessionalism, endless excuses and turn around times that take months instead of days. I for one need designs on a regular basis & I’m very glad to have met John (itsjtam).   The work he delivered would easily be accepted by any CSS Gallery out there, It’s fresh, unique and will easily put your website on the map as a top brand.   Bookmark this guy and get him for your next design work, highly recommended.”

Alexandra – BeautyRage CEO

“John is one of the most professional and creative web designers I have ever worked with. I’m a perfectionist and have a little bit of OCD so its hard for me to trust anyone when I give them an assignment because the end result is almost never what I want it to be. However, because John is so innovative and he sent me periodic updates on his progress, I was able to be at ease and trust him completely with my website and logo. He ended up executing both brilliantly and flawlessly! I will definitely go back to him for future design work.

Jarland – Catalyst Host Co-Owner

“I had been eyeing John’s work for a while. I was quite impressed with his designs that were simple, professional, and very well polished. The one thing I wasn’t sure about was how he would take to our situation. We lost our designer, and we needed an entirely fresh design for the content area of a page on our site. So this meant he would be working with a job done by someone else, he would have freedom in the content area, but his vision would be limited to what fit the existing style.

When given the opportunity to impress me in this new way, I wasn’t at all disappointed. He took the creative freedom that our limitations allowed and he really did an excellent job with it. The whole time he was extremely friendly and easy to deal with. I’m a difficult client. I always want a design that expresses a feeling or implies a message. I can’t put it into visuals. John took my words and made them into a web page. You’re lucky if you can ask such a thing of your designer, and there’s not a whole lot of them that you can.”

Brent – LiquiLayer CEO

“I give John a 10 out of 10 on every aspect from the initial contact point all the way to delivery of the final product. His response to my emails & questions were almost immediate, which is something that severely lacks with other designers. ”

Daniel – FrostBite Networks

“I would recommend John to anyone who wants to refresh their current site image, even if they don’t know how they would do it. John’s creativity and drive to perform really are evident in the work he’s done.”

Zain – UrbanPk

“I had John design 3 pages for me where I needed a lot of creativity and a different look compared to other cookie cutter designs.  He was able to deliver and MUCH MUCH better than I had ever expected.  We needed a serious yet not too serious design and we had specific needs that also needed to be met.  He was able to design within these difficult constraints wonderfully.  Especially notable that he was able to do it without hampering his own personal creativity.  I have dealt with many designers and this is a flaw I see a lot but with John this was not the case.  You cannot go wrong with John, he will work with you till you are satisfied.”

Maree – Ausboots Marketing Manager

“John has completed two sliders for our website.  He provided great work and we recommend him to anyone wanting to get professional graphics completed in a timely manner.”

Alex – TuneSwag

“Working with John has allowed us to focus on the development of our site and business without having to worry about the quality of design we were getting. John provides both unique and creative designs which allows you to stand out from the crowd and provide a great user experience. It has been a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for website design.”

Andrew – DJABHosting

“John is truly a creative professional that knows exactly what businesses need. After discussing our project scope with him, he got right to work and after a couple days produced a beautiful, clean, and elegant design that was perfect for our new launch.”

Jonathan – TMZVPS

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with John Tamburino, as we chose him to redesign our corporate website TMZvps. First and foremost, John does excellent work and I have no regrets in choosing him. The quality of John’s designs, I feel, is unsurpassed. He provides well-layered PSD’s that are labeled appropriately. John is excellent to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a website design or re-design!”

Kevin – IrisIt

“John created our new website from scratch. He understood our brief\ideas and transformed them into the excellent site. Very professional to work with and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to friends or colleagues.”

Brian – BigBrainHost

“It isn’t often that you come across a designer that works well and does great work without breaking your bank. Not only was the stuff John did for me great, but his turnaround time was outstanding! – Keep up the excellent work John!”

Marcus – PDS

“If you’re trying to find a professional, reliable, high quality designer at a reasonable price then look no further than John Tamburino. John met each of my deadlines and gave accurate timelines which allowed me to feel like I was truly a part of the whole process. 100% recommended.”

Jeff – CDFixers CEO

“Service was quick and competitively priced. My questions were answered immediately and John was able to meet my demands in a hurry.”

Kevin – HostAtom CEO

“I contacted John about putting together a new design for my company. I have to say that John has been a pleasure to work with and when I need a design for any other project I will go through him.”

Aaron – Ayeazza CEO

“Before I found John I was never really satisfied with the logo’s / layout designs I was buying. After I bought my first logo from him for Ayeazza, I was amazed. 100% Satisfied.”

M.Hamel- UBS

“I asked for a custom logo to adapt my upcoming website design. I must say I was impressed with Johns capability. I will certainly buy again and recommend John to others. Thanks John!”

Christian – ImgHurl CEO

“I approached John to do a new design for my image hosting company. I told him to give me a new and fresh look for my site. He did absolutely an amazing job. Not only did the design come out great, but he finished it the next day. I couldn’t be happier. I recommend John to anyone!”

Tom – LinkWebs CEO

“Just finished having a custom layout made by John and I’m extremely impressed with his design abilities. I was in constant contact with him via MSN and he had the layout done quickly. I can’t recommend this guy enough.”

Kevin – Server Origin CEO

“John did excellent work and was extremely responsive. We probably exchanged a hundred or so emails regarding the changes we wanted to make with customization. I will use him again immediately. Top notch A++++++.”

Josh – Forum User

“Definitely doesn’t need it but what the heck? Huge vouch for this guy. Knew him way back in the day when he was just starting out on a fansite forum for an old pixel game. Brilliant designer and always delivers above expected results. He has the motivation and innovation needed to get any of your jobs done to above satisfactory. Keep up the good work!”