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About Go130

GO130, LLC was founded upon a model of customer centrism because the founders (go130.com/team)believed that there weren’t enough service providers out there that truly embrace such a model as their foundation. As much as some like to show an appearance of caring about their customers, internally they are driven by nothing but the bottom line of their financial statements. At GO130, we are run a bit differently than the rest and we are confident that you will find this to be the case just by your first interaction with us.

Our Mission Statement

GO130’s mission is to become a brand that is recognized for providing an unforgettable level of service and care for our customers by exceeding expectations and setting a new bar in the web services industry.

Now, we agree that mission won’t be so easy. Therefore, in order to succeed with our mission, we broke down our mission into four core values.

Our Core Values

For every action, decision, interaction, and service we provide to our customers, it is our goal to live and breathe by these core values.

Exceptional Customer Care & Support

Everyone else provides “tech support”. They waste precious time by asking questions like: Is it plugged in? Can you reboot your PC? Is your internet working? Here at GO130, we don’t provide “tech support”. We provide customer care that is above and beyond what has become the norm in the service industry.

Friendly & Dependable Staff Members

GO130 staff members are not trained to be friendly and enthusiastic about providing quality service. We are just like that naturally. In fact, a lot of us may be unusually eager to help you to the point where we may scare you. We may be a little… positively eccentric but that’s why you won’t ever dread contacting us if you need help.

Matching your Growth, Step by Step

Maybe you run a seasonal business or maybe you’re expecting unprecedented growth an hour from now. Either way, we are extremely flexible to work with matching your growth from birth to Trump-like empire.

Reliable Service you Can Count On

With the amount of experience our staff has in the hosting industry, we have formed great relationships with various vendors we source for various aspects of our service. The data center, network, and infrastructure we chose for GO130 have a tremendous amount of history of reliability. If that is not enough, every piece of hardware that we provision for production use is internally tested for performance and function.