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HDWallSource.com was established on December 16th, 2013 with the mission of providing the online community with an easy way to download the latest HD wallpapers. Prior to the launch of HDWS we felt that the majority of wallpaper websites were making the process of downloading your desired background more complicated than it should be. We noticed these websites presented you (the user) with many complications such as: missing downloading links, broken images, promotional requirements to obtain a download button, and the beloved pop-up advertisements. These obstacles leave you frustrated and provide an ineffective way to download a wallpaper. In reality, the process is simple and that’s the way HDWS aims to keep it.

Standing Out

HDWallSource has a few dinfining elements that make it an unique wallpaper source. It may go unnoticed to most, but the majority of wallpaper sites that exist today use auto post technology to publish there content. In short, this feature assists the website owner by scanning the internet and collecting images from the defined keyword. This is the main reason we see low quality, copyrighted material on numerous wallpaper websites. At HDWallsource, we do things differently by handpicking each HD wallpaper and uploading them individually. Furthermore, our staff makes sure to pay close attention to our user experience. Our responsive website allows you to browse our wallpapers on your computer, tablet and mobile devices with ease. Once you have discovered your favorite HD wallpaper, we offer a hassle-free download process.
As of today, HDWS provides our community with over 48,000 of the worlds best HD Wallpapers across 37 different categories.

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